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Q: What is the Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority (THEA) South Selmon Capacity Project?

A: THEA will increase the capacity of the Lee Roy Selmon Expressway from a 4-lane roadway to a 6-lane roadway, adding one lane in each direction along the existing Selmon Expressway. The extra two lanes will help alleviate anticipated traffic congestion.

Q: What is the project area?

A: The project area spans 4.5 miles from Himes Avenue to the Florida Avenue overpass.

Q: What are the project’s benefits to the community?

A: The South Selmon Capacity Project will help relieve current and future congestion challenges, improve roadway safety and help keep cut-through traffic off Bayshore Boulevard and other neighborhood roads.

Q. Will the toll prices increase?

A: This project will not increase toll rates.

Q: How is the South Selmon Capacity Project being funded?

A: Like all THEA projects, the South Selmon Capacity Project will be paid for by THEA’s toll revenues and bonds. No tax dollars are used, ensuring taxpayer dollars are reserved for other community needs.


Q: How can the community share their thoughts, comments, questions, and concerns about the project?

A: Community input is valued and appreciated. There are many ways for the public to share their thoughts on the project. Our dedicated project Public Information Consultant would be happy to schedule a meeting with your organization. Comments can also be shared on the Public Input page on the project website – Questions and concerns can be expressed to the project’s Public Information Consultant, Nicole Miller Hawker; she can be reached or 813-784-6907.

Q: How will THEA inform stakeholders of project activities?

A: THEA will share information about the project through mailers, the website, news releases, THEA’s newsletters, and public information meetings. The community will continuously be informed about project activities through proactive communication.

Q. How will businesses, residents, and other stakeholders be impacted during construction?

A: The project will limit the amount of construction needed outside of the roadway and will require minimal reconstruction. Sound walls will be built along the entire project area to minimize construction noise.

Q: During project activities, how will the project team ensure the safety and well-being of the staff working on the project, as well as stakeholders?

A: Safety for our team members, as well as Expressway users and the communities along the roadway, is a top priority for us.

Q: How do I get more information and stay updated on project activities?

A: The best way to be kept up to date on project activities is to sign up for THEA’s newsletter or follow our social media pages for updates. We will be continuously connecting with the community ahead of project milestones and developments.


Q: What are the environmental impacts of this project?

A: As denoted in the PD&E documents, environmental impacts are minimal as all work is located within the existing right-of-way.

Q. How will noise burdens from the construction, as well as increased traffic, be addressed?

A: As part of the planning process, THEA conducted a noise study and discovered the majority of the project area meets Federal Guidelines for noise burdens. Because of the public input we collected and THEA’s commitment to the community, sound walls will be installed along the enhanced project route.

Q. How will lighting from the expanded lanes impact adjacent homes and businesses?

A: Light poles will be installed on the median barrier wall and will be reduced wattage to minimize impacts to adjacent properties. This design has already been implemented on portions of the lights installed as part of the South Selmon Safety DB Project and will be installed on the remainder of the corridor in this project.

Q. How will this project impact property values?

A: While THEA cannot predict the specific Economic Impact of the South Selmon Capacity Project, historically, we have seen increases in Property Values along the Selmon Expressway.



Q. How will this project improve the safety of the Expressway?

A: Reduced congestion and higher levels of service from the project enhancements will improve safety on this project.

Q. How is THEA using Vision Zero goals to provide safer streets for pedestrians and bicyclists?

A: THEA is including multiple Vision Zero design aspects throughout the project, such as additional traffic signals, sidewalks and crosswalks, dedicated bike lane markings, pedestrian signals, and more to enhance connectivity and safety for pedestrians and bicyclists throughout the corridor.

Q. How is THEA ensuring the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists near the on/off ramps?

A: Improvements at all interchange intersections for vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians will be constructed as part of the project improvements. The increased capacity and levels of service on the Selmon after the improvements will improve safety on the adjacent local roadways by pulling traffic off the local roads onto the Selmon.


Q: Once construction begins, how will THEA address traffic issues due to road closures?

A: Lane closures will only be allowed during off-peak hours, and acceptable detours will be provided whenever total road closures are required.

Q. How does THEA work with the City on alternatives to traffic congestion?

A: THEA coordinates with the appropriate local agencies, including the City of Tampa, Hillsborough County, and the FDOT, on minimizing impacts to traffic for all construction activities.


Q. What community improvements will be made near the roadway?

THEA will be making improvements to all underpasses within the project limits. THEA will reimagine and activate the Bay-to-Bay/Mac Dill Avenue underpass with a new dog park and community gathering spaces. In addition, lighting improvements will be made for increased pedestrian and bicyclist safety.

Q. Who maintains the landscaping and maintenance of the underpasses, streetscapes, and pocket parks? How often are these areas attended to?

A: THEA works with local governments and local community groups to provide proper agreements for maintaining implemented aesthetic improvements. Various groups provide maintenance services in different areas.

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